Have A Teen Turning 18? Celebrate Their Coming-Of-Age With One Of These Unique Gift Ideas

Oct 19, 2014 by

It can be hard to figure out what to buy your child when they’re turning into a young 18-year-old adult. Video games are not very motivating, gift cards are boring, and going out to dinner just isn’t special enough for such an important occasion. Here are three unique gifts your soon to be ex-teen can gain experience, pleasure, and excitement from:

Spring for Flight Training

Paying for a series of flight lessons through a school like Parkland College is a gift that your child will not soon forget. Whether they’re interested in flying for a living, going into the Air Force, or just learning the ropes in the sky, flight training comes with a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Increasing self-confidence.
  • Opportunity for new careers.
  • Ability to rent and charter planes for personal use.
  • Better attention span.

Learning to fly is an experience most people don’t have the time to do once work and other adulthood responsibilities come into play. Giving your teen an opportunity to have the experience will only enrich their overall life.

Pay for a Dive from the Sky

Another fun and rewarding experience your teen can learn a lot from is skydiving. This is something that you can do together, or perhaps something that can be done with a group of close friends as part of a full celebration day. Like flight training, skydiving experience can lead to career opportunities such as becoming an instructor, going into the army, or being part of a dropzone staff.

Plan an Educational Road Trip

If your teen isn’t into adrenaline rushing experiences, consider planning a road trip for them instead. Rent a vehicle for two or three weeks so your child has reliable transportation that provides flexibility and freedom, fill up a cooler and supply some gas, food, and lodging vouchers, and plan an itinerary that you think they’ll enjoy so all they have to do is follow the map and enjoy the experience.

Choose a route that brings the new adult up close and personal with educational museums, iconic landmarks, and concerts that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to see.

If possible, renting or investing in a travel trailer will make the road trip experience even more exciting and freeing. It will cut down on lodging costs since camping would be part of the plan, and a kitchen would be available, making it cheaper and easier for your newly adult child to healthily eat while they are on the road.

These gift ideas will give your soon-to-be adult child real life experience and skills that can be used throughout the years in their lives.

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