Don’t Feel Embarrassed About Finally Starting On Your GED

Nov 24, 2014 by

Ever since you moved to this town, you’ve never confessed to anybody that you didn’t actually graduate from high school. You’ve managed to get by working at low-paying jobs, but you realize you can do better. If you enroll in adult education classes, however, somebody’s bound to find out and realize you’re working toward your general education diploma. Don’t be embarrassed. In fact, you should feel really good that you’re taking this step. 

What You Might Do With A GED

The longer you delay enrolling in adult education classes, the longer it will be before you can make progress toward a multitude of career possibilities.

With that credential, you can finally become a candidate for jobs at organizations that don’t consider applicants without a high school diploma or GED. Even if you’re fully qualified for certain jobs because of your work experience, you might not be able to get your foot in the door without the GED. However, those organizations will look at you favorably when they see you’ve been a responsible employee and that you had the ambition to complete the high school education. 

You’ll also be able to enroll in a degree or certificate program at a technical school or community college. Although competition at a four-year university may be tough for a person without a true high school diploma, you can complete your associate degree in a two-year program and be accepted to a four-year school after that. 

Famous People Who’ve Earned a GED

If you’re nervous about telling anybody you’re working to get your GED, consider all the successful famous people who didn’t finish high school but did obtain the GED credential. Some of these individuals include

  • rapper and actor 50 Cent
  • comedian Chris Rock
  • actor Christian Slater
  • auto racing driver Danica Patrick
  • actor Mark Wahlberg
  • actor Michael J. Fox
  • singer and songwriter Pink

Interestingly enough, Fox didn’t get his GED until after he was a highly successful actor. He was in his 30s when his four-year-old son encouraged him to return to school for the GED. 

Concluding Thoughts

Sure, it may be difficult to admit to your friends and co-workers that you never graduated from high school. But are they really going to think any less of you once they find out? They’ll probably be impressed that you’re making an effort to improve your life and move forward to a better occupation. Don’t hesitate to look into adult education opportunities in your area so you can get going on that general education diploma. 

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