3 Signs That Your Teenager Is Mature Enough To Drive

Jun 12, 2015 by

Driving is a major responsibility. Many youth look forward to the day when they will receive their own drivers license and have the freedom that driving can bring. However, just because there is an age limit on receiving your driver’s license, doesn’t mean that every person who is that age will be ready for this type of responsibility. Here are some signs that your teenager is ready to drive.

1. They Are Strong Against Peer Pressure

Driving with friends is rarely a good idea for a young driver. However, it is especially dangerous if the teen is very susceptible to peer pressure. First and foremost, the driver should be concerned with the safety of everyone in the car rather than impressing their friends.

If your teen struggles with trying to impress friends even at the expense of endangering themselves or others, they are not ready to drive. Instead, make sure that the teen only drives with a trusted adult, or that they hold off getting their license until they are ready to withstand pressure from their peers.

2. They Follow Rules When You Are Not Around

It is very important that your teen is responsible enough to follow the rules, even when they believe that no one is watching. There will be many times where the teen may think “what is the big deal if I text or drive?” or “the road is empty, I can drive as fast as I want” and much more. These kinds of thoughts are what lead to fatal accidents.

Some questions to ask yourself is if the teen shows responsibility by keeping curfew or putting their phone away at nights and during inappropriate times, like at the movies or a play. Also, does your teen do their chores, follow the house rules, and treat others kindly? These are all signs that they are mature enough to drive a car.

3. They Have Perspective About The Future

Another danger is that the teen only thinks in the moment. If your teen is unable to see the big picture, plan for tomorrow, or see how their choice that they make now will affect their future, they are not ready to drive. Although decisions during driving may seem like they are only in the moment, they can actually affect the rest of your life. This is why the teen must show that they can think ahead to make calculated decisions.

By evaluating these characteristics, you can tell if your teen is mature enough to drive. If you think your teen is mostly ready but could benefit from a drivers education course, then contact local driving schools. You can also visit http://www.a1peckdrivingschool.com to learn more. 

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