Preparing Your Child For Summer Camp

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If your child is going to be going to summer camp, they are most likely excited and a bit apprehensive if they have never had an overnight camping excursion in the past. You will want to make sure they are totally prepared for what is to be expected before they leave home to help relieve some of their anxiety. Here are some tips to use when your child is preparing to go away to camp in the near future.

Hide Your Nervousness

Since parents’ actions have an impact on how a child reacts to situations, do your best to cover any nervousness about your child going away with excitement. If your child sees you are confident about their ability to go to an overnight camp, the excitement will rub off on them and they will most likely look forward to the event.

Teach Some Navigation

Take time to show your child the proper way to use a compass before they leave for camp. Show them how they can use the positioning of the sun to figure out which direction to hold the compass. If they happen to get lost, teach them how to gain attention by yelling, scratching a note into the ground with a stick, or leaving a trail of leaves so they can be followed. 

Learn Together

Read through any camp materials you receive in the mail together. Most camps will send out a list of the materials your child will be expected to bring along with them and which things are not allowed. When it comes time for you child to pack their bag, take a look through the materials they intend on bringing to make sure there are no items that are prohibited from being in camp.

Discuss the different activities your child will be participating in to make sure your child feels comfortable with them. If there is an activity they are fearful about, practice it a bit before going to camp so they will be familiarized with the basics, making the transition a little easier when it comes time to do it away from home.

Encourage Correspondence

Write out several pre-addressed envelopes and place stamps on them to have your child bring to camp. If they have the materials already to go, writing a letter will be a lot easier when your child is busy. Tell them to send a letter once a week so you can learn about the activities they are doing and the friends they are meeting. When they get older, they will appreciate having the letters to look back upon, allowing them to reminisce about the fun they had when away at camp.

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