3 Important Benefits Of Writing Contests In Middle School

Apr 26, 2016 by

If your child will soon be entering middle school and you would like to offer them as many new experiences as possible, it is a good idea to encourage them to join a writing contest. Doing so allows them to learn valuable skills and can help them do better academically. If you want your child to have a well-rounded education by participating in writing contests in middle school, it is a good idea to consider the following three benefits they can provide.

#1-Writing Contests Are A Great Opportunity For Kids To Become More Confident And Make New Friends

The move from elementary school to middle school is a big one that can shake the foundation of formerly confident children. In addition to being the youngest kids in school, the new students are also likely to be the smallest and may be dealing with the stress of puberty. However, writing contests can empower your son or daughter because the competition is done in a different way.

Instead of doubting their own skills after watching bigger, stronger students compete in school sports or music groups, they can participate in a writing contest that does not show them how well or poorly other kids their age are doing. Since writing is traditionally a solitary activity, many children may gain extra confidence as the result of successfully researching and writing papers or stories, even if they do not win.        

#2-It Encourages Your Child To Set And Meet Goals

Another benefit that may not be immediately obvious does not relate to winning the writing contest. Since setting goals is an important part of maturity and is essential for academic success, goal setting will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Whether the goal is to write a specific number of pages each day or to complete a pre-determined amount of research at the necessary time, children who meet all or some of their age-appropriate goals will then know they are capable of meeting similar goals in the future.

#3-Your Child Can Learn How To Write In Different Ways And To Different Audiences

One problem with young writers is the lack of training they may have received in writing methods and in writing to varying audiences. It is possible to find a writing contest that requires a wide variety of topics, lengths and writing styles. In addition, different contests will want the submitted work to appeal to both private individuals and groups of different sizes. Writing contests provide students with the opportunity to gain and use the necessary writing skills to tailor their entry to the expectations of the judges.

In conclusion, writing contests for middle school students are an ideal way to provide your son or daughter with the critical skills such as goal-setting and writing to meet the specific needs of their intended audience. In addition, children who participate in those popular events will often gain more confidence in themselves during the challenging years of adolescence. 

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