3 Tips To Help You Know If Your Child Is Ready For Preschool

Jun 26, 2016 by

Early education can play a significant role in determining how successful a child will be later in life. Preschool programs are designed to help prepare children for the rigors of a kindergarten curriculum, allowing children to learn as much as possible their first year in a traditional school. Determining whether or not your child is ready for enrollment in a preschool program can be challenging.

Here are three tips you can use to gauge your child’s readiness for preschool in the future.

1. Evaluate your child’s level of independence.

In order to successfully become part of a preschool classroom, your child will need to be fairly independent. Although class sizes tend to be smaller in preschools than they are in elementary schools, students still outnumber teachers. This means that teachers must care for several children at once.

If your child is unable to eat without constant guidance or use the restroom without prompting, he or she may require more work than a single preschool teacher is able to provide. Evaluating your child’s level of independence can be a great way to determine if he or she is ready to start preschool.

2. Determine if your child has separation anxiety.

Although most children experience some discomfort when they first begin to spend time away from their parents, some children have more severe separation anxiety than others. If spending time apart causes your child to cry, worry, or act out, then you will need to conquer his or her separation anxiety before time can be spent in a preschool classroom.

Begin scheduling playdates at a friend’s house or time with grandparents so that your child can practice being away from you. It can also be helpful to establish a ritual you perform whenever your child will be separated from you. Rituals can reassure your child and make it easier to cope with the separation. Once your child can spend time away from you without becoming distressed or disruptive, he or she could be ready for enrollment in a preschool class.

3. Check to see if your child is ready to learn.

Taking the time to ask your child if he or she is ready to go to preschool can be a simple way to determine when it’s time to think about enrollment. When your child is ready to learn, he or she will be more likely to pay attention in a classroom and absorb the information given by a teacher.

Take note of the questions that your child asks and his or her level of interest in the environment. Children who have entered into an inquisitive phase can really benefit from participation in a preschool program.

Use the tips outlined above to help you determine when it’s the right time to send your child to preschool. If you’d like more information, check out preschools in your area.

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