About Derrick Nixon

I never really thought much about spiders until I started my first job. As a shipping and receiving clerk for a small business, it was my job to check deliveries to make sure they were right before accepting them. That sometimes meant opening crates and boxes to check the contents. Since my employer ordered materials from all over the country, it was not that unusual to find a spider or two in those boxes.

Most of the time, the spiders were nothing more than a nuisance. Once in a while, a crate would include spiders that were a little larger, or had some unusual markings. That got me to thinking; wouldn’t it be in my best interests to learn a little about spiders? After all, while I didn’t plan on actually handling anything that tagged along in those shipping crates, there was always the chance of being bitten while I inspected the contents.

My efforts at educating myself soon paid off. Not long after I learned how to tell a brown recluse from a common garden-variety spider, a few arrived in a package shipped from Missouri. When I opened the crate, the spiders began to scurry. Even so, I knew that putting my hand in the crate could mean trouble. Thanks to that fact, I knew how to use protective gear to deal with the spiders without getting bitten.

Along with making it easier to protect yourself, learning about spiders is fun. Whether you want to know more because of where you live or work, or just because you are fascinated with spiders in general, read on. Some of what I have to share will come in handy someday.