3 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in Preschool

Sep 19, 2016 by

If you are considering whether or not it would be worth it to send your child to preschool, it can be a great idea to really look into different preschools in your area and see what they have to offer. This will help you to see all of the wonderful benefits that a preschool can provide for your child. This article will discuss three great reasons why you should enroll your child in preschool. 

It Will Help Them Get an Educational Headstart for Kindergarten

Perhaps the most important reason that parents send their children to preschool is to help prepare them for kindergarten on an educational level. Preschool can do this because it teaches your children what their letters look like as well as how you say them. It also teaches your child the same concepts when it comes to numbers. Since these are the basic elements of reading and math, they are going to be very beneficial for your child to know. Learning these things also ensure that your child isn’t going to be behind when they start kindergarten because they will already know all of the basic educational things that they should know. 

It Gives Them the Opportunity to Interact with Others

Your child is going to need to learn to interact with their peers for the rest of their lives, so having them start learning this concept from a very young age can be a great thing for them. Preschool will give your child the opportunity to interact with their peers because they will be put in small classes and groups with them. And, because you aren’t around, your child will have to work on their social skills. This will encourage them not only to socialize more but also to express themselves and find out more about who they are. They will grow to be more independent and will learn how to better understand how the children around them are feeling. 

It Gives Them the Opportunity to Learn New Skills 

Aside from the regular educational skills that your child will learn, such as saying and identifying their letters and numbers, they will also be able to learn a variety of other skills as well. As part of the preschool curriculum, your child will participate in art classes, music classes, physical education classes, acting classes, dance classes, and more. These classes will not only help your child to improve on some of the skills that they already have, but will also allow them to learn new skills that they didn’t even know they had. 

Start checking out schools such as Wooden Shoe Pre-School & Pre-Kindergarten to see what specific benefits are offered in your area. 

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Five Ways To Avoid Anxiety On The First Day Of School

Aug 23, 2016 by

For parents everywhere, the first day of preschool can be exhausting and nerve-wracking. The thought of sending your child off to a place where you have no or little say in their daily routine can be daunting. While you may experience a plethora of emotions on the first day of preschool, your child may experience the same nervousness and anxiety. For the child, the idea of separating from their parent can be scary. In an effort to make yourself feel better during the drop-off process, it is crucial that you experience a stress-free goodbye when you leave your child at preschool. 

Tour the School Ahead of Time

It is not only important that you tour the school before you enroll your child into the preschool program, but you also want to make sure you take your preschooler along with you during the tour. This gives them the opportunity to check out the classrooms, meet the teachers, and observe the other kids in the preschool. By being familiar with the preschool ahead of time, they will be less anxious on the first day of school. 

Do Not Linger After Saying Goodbye

Once you have said your goodbyes to the child, you do not want to stay too long. Lingering around will only make it harder for your child to acclimate to their new surroundings. Instead, they will be more apt to want to be around you. By leaving after you have said goodbye, your child knows that you are leaving when you say you are leaving. 

Keep Your Routine Consistent

When your child has a routine, they are much more confident in everything that is going on. While you do not have to be on a strict schedule, you do want to keep consistency in your morning routines. Saying goodbye the same way every time helps your child to know what to expect. 

Bring Something From Home

When your child is in a new environment, they can feel so far from home. Talk to your child’s teacher about bringing an object from home to make your child feel more secure. It can be anything from a blanket to a stuffed animal. This will help to relieve some anxiety your child may feel when walking into a strange place. 

Understand the Benefits

When you feel anxious, your kids can sense it. It is important to remain focused on what your objective is when sending your child off to preschool. To make you feel better about dropping your child off to preschool, remind yourself of the many benefits preschool provides, including school readiness, emotional development, social progress, and much more. In fact, kids who are at-risk who do not receive a quality preschool education are 70% more likely to be arrested for a violent crime. Knowing the positives behind preschool can make you feel less anxious about sending them, resulting in your child experiencing less anxiety. 

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Heavy Equipment Operators: Why Employers Prefer Certified Employees

Jul 25, 2016 by

If you are thinking about getting a job in the heavy equipment industry, it’s smart to take the proper classes so that you can be certified to do so, even if you already know how to use equipment. In fact, many employees prefer and even require their heavy equipment operators to be certified. It might seem as if it shouldn’t matter whether you are certified or not, as long as you know how to operate the equipment, but employers actually have some pretty good reasons for preferring or requiring certifications.


First of all, most employers put a pretty big emphasis on safety. The last thing that they want is for an employee or anyone else to get hurt. Unfortunately, operating heavy machinery can be very dangerous. When you go through the classes to get certified, you can expect to learn a lot about safety. Employers know this and know that workers who are certified and who have undergone this training can be safer employees, which is good for everyone.


If you learn as you go, you can expect to make some mistakes. Even though you might have used heavy equipment before, there may be some types of equipment that you aren’t familiar with and that you will have to learn on the job. If you go through training, however, you’ll learn about different types of equipment. This means that you may be able to get the job done more quickly, without as much of a learning curve. Obviously, this is beneficial for employers who are concerned about jobs getting done in a timely manner.


Believe it or not, employees who are certified can actually save their employers money. This is true for a few reasons. As mentioned above, someone who is certified to operate heavy equipment might be less likely to get into an expensive accident, which can cost employers a ton. Additionally, some insurance companies are actually willing to give employers a discount if all of their equipment operators are certified. Since many employers spend a lot of money in insurance premiums already, this cost savings can be beneficial.

As you can see, it makes sense that employers prefer for their employees to be certified to operate heavy equipment. In fact, you may miss out on certain job opportunities if you skip this training. If you contact a local technical school or community college, however, you should be able to find out more about this type of certification.

To learn more, contact professionals in your area.

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3 Tips To Help You Know If Your Child Is Ready For Preschool

Jun 26, 2016 by

Early education can play a significant role in determining how successful a child will be later in life. Preschool programs are designed to help prepare children for the rigors of a kindergarten curriculum, allowing children to learn as much as possible their first year in a traditional school. Determining whether or not your child is ready for enrollment in a preschool program can be challenging.

Here are three tips you can use to gauge your child’s readiness for preschool in the future.

1. Evaluate your child’s level of independence.

In order to successfully become part of a preschool classroom, your child will need to be fairly independent. Although class sizes tend to be smaller in preschools than they are in elementary schools, students still outnumber teachers. This means that teachers must care for several children at once.

If your child is unable to eat without constant guidance or use the restroom without prompting, he or she may require more work than a single preschool teacher is able to provide. Evaluating your child’s level of independence can be a great way to determine if he or she is ready to start preschool.

2. Determine if your child has separation anxiety.

Although most children experience some discomfort when they first begin to spend time away from their parents, some children have more severe separation anxiety than others. If spending time apart causes your child to cry, worry, or act out, then you will need to conquer his or her separation anxiety before time can be spent in a preschool classroom.

Begin scheduling playdates at a friend’s house or time with grandparents so that your child can practice being away from you. It can also be helpful to establish a ritual you perform whenever your child will be separated from you. Rituals can reassure your child and make it easier to cope with the separation. Once your child can spend time away from you without becoming distressed or disruptive, he or she could be ready for enrollment in a preschool class.

3. Check to see if your child is ready to learn.

Taking the time to ask your child if he or she is ready to go to preschool can be a simple way to determine when it’s time to think about enrollment. When your child is ready to learn, he or she will be more likely to pay attention in a classroom and absorb the information given by a teacher.

Take note of the questions that your child asks and his or her level of interest in the environment. Children who have entered into an inquisitive phase can really benefit from participation in a preschool program.

Use the tips outlined above to help you determine when it’s the right time to send your child to preschool. If you’d like more information, check out preschools in your area.

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3 Ways To Stand Out As A Nanny

May 25, 2016 by

Becoming a nanny requires more than just a desire to work with children. You have to take steps to ensure you stand out from other candidates so parents can actually envision you caring for their children. Here are some ways you can make a good impression on potential clients.  

Expand Your Skills

Parents need to know that you can care for their children in any situation. The more skills you have, the more confidently parents will view you. The most obvious skills you need are the ability to cook and tutor the children, but you also need lifesaving skills. 

For instance, CPR and first-aid certification (from an outlet such as American Heart Association – AED $40 CPR LLC – Certification Training Classes) are a must in this position. During the course, you will learn how to handle medical emergencies, such as choking and burns. Once certified, be sure to renew your certification when it expires. Changes to how CPR and first-aid are administered can occur between certifications and you need to stay current on those updates. 

Consider Your Online Presence

Your online presence could make the difference between being hired or skipped over. Parents are not just interested in what you put on your resume, they also want to be sure that you are a decent person who can be trusted with their children. 

Your online presence starts with your email address. If you have an email address that could be considered provocative, consider opening an email account with a more appropriate user name. 

You also need to look at your social networking accounts. You do not have to necessarily remove questionable postings and pictures. Most social networking sites offer the ability to hide or restrict who can see those postings. Most parents will conduct an online search of potential candidates and they might be hesitant to hire you if your postings do not fit their image of a nanny.

Ask for a Trial

One of the best ways to demonstrate your capabilities and stand out from other candidates is to offer a trial. You can offer to keep the kids for an hour so that the parents can observe your interactions with the children. 

During that period, try to act naturally and stay focused on the children. You want the parents to get a real glimpse of how well you respond to the children and how they respond to you. At the end of the trial, you can ask for feedback. Even if you do not get the position, the feedback can help you improve your skills for future positions.

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