Facts about the Brown Recluse

If you live anywhere between Missouri and the mouth of the Gulf of Mexico, there is a good chance that you’ve come across the brown recluse spider at one time or another. Spiders of this type thrive in many parts of the Midwest, and are often found along the coastal area stretching from Texas all the way over to northern Florida. Knowing a few basic facts about the brown recluse spider will help you know what to do when you do come across this particular arachnid.


This particular spider has a body that is mostly brown, and sports a shape on the back that is a lot like a fiddle or violin. In size, this spider is typically no more than a half-inch in length, and may reach up to just under two inches in width if you spread out all the legs.

The Demeanor of the Spider

As the name implies, this type of spider is often found in spots that are relatively secluded. This does not mean that a brown recluse will necessarily be found in the middle of a forest, although that is a possibility. It just means that the spider will be at home in places that are dark and suitable for quietly spinning webs.

The brown recluse is not likely to attack. Instead, the arachnid will react if it feels threatened in any way. A threat could mean a human hand coming too close, or someone rolling over in bed while the spider is crawling along the covers. For the most part, the spider will not take any type of action if the human moves away.

Where Will the Spider Reside in a Home?

You could have a brown recluse in your home right this minute. A dark attic or basement is the perfect home. The closet is also an ideal setting. During certain times of the year, it is not unusual for the spiders to settle in clothing that is hanging on a rod or folded neatly on a shelf. This is one of the reasons that people living in areas where these spiders are found will often shake out their clothes when taking them out of their closets.